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    The villainess, Mystia, remembered her past life on her 10th birthday and has unwittingly turned the characters in the otome game “Kyun Kyun Love School” into yanderes! In order to avoid becoming the love rival of the “heroine” who will lead her to her downfall, she starts making every effort to break off her engagement with her “prince-like classmate”! That’s was what supposed to happen…But, because of her kind personality, her favorability increased instead! She also resolved the traumas of the “self-indulgent noble” and the “innocent yakuza teacher” causing them to hold warped affection for her. Furthermore, there was an exclusive maid she didn’t remember seeing in the game… With all these abnormalities, can she change her situation by the time the heroine enters school? An unstoppable and heart-thumping number of complicated misunderstandings! A suspenseful school romantic comedy that will paint you a picture of hell!

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    I’m the Villainess, but the Capture Targets are too Abnormal Chap 5.6

    I’m the Villainess, but the Capture Targets are too Abnormal Chap 6.6


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