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    • Other names: Chouetsu-sha To Natta Ossan wa My Pace ni Isekai wo Sansaku Suru
    • Author(s): Updating
    • Genre(s): Adventure Isekai
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 318 Report

    Hiroshi Yamada (42 years old), a dull salaryman was chosen to be a brave warrior which should have been limited to young people. He was suddenly sent to another world. As a promised gift of his summoning, Hiroshi was given three strong skills by God: [One-shot K.O.], [All Magic Creation], and the ultimate physical strengthening ability [Transcendence]. Hiroshi was then thrown into a different world full of monsters! Hiroshi must defeat the monsters one after another by making full use of the given skills! He’s extremely clumsy though, and can’t control his skills, so they always go out of control. Because of that, Hiroshi meets a cute female fairy and a muscular old warrior to go on his adventures with him. See what happens to Hiroshi as he experiences a different world fighting against monsters and sometimes annoying the townspeople with outrageous acts.

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    The Salaryman Traveling Another World At His Own Pace Chap 2.2

    The Salaryman Traveling Another World At His Own Pace Chap 3.2


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